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Friends of Yoga

Friends of Yoga - FOY

A Voluntary and Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Dubai, UAE, led by Mr. K B Madhavan.

 Friends of Yoga - FOY
  • Founded in 1990
  • 250+ trained Yoga Teachers.
  • Served more than 100,000 people with Free Yoga classes
  • Yoga Timings - everyday 5.30am-6.30am and 7.30pm-8.30pm

FOY makes it possible for yoga enthusiasts to live in harmony with oneself and the environment.

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Self Improvement

FOY Toastmasters Club engaged in building the self confidence and speaking ability for its members.

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Social Work

FOY provides financial, clothing, medicines etc to people suffering from natural calamities.

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  • Usman Abdullah - Bangladesh

    Yoga is a rejuvenating exercise for total health. Many of our Yoga participants have experienced its positive impact. Read More
  • Monica - Philippines

    I was totally paralyzed right from the neck and couldn’t even walk. One and half month’s yoga practice at FOY made me walk and stand. Yoga turned out to be a miracle for me. Read More
  • Mrs. Latha - Kerala - India

    I was suffering from migrains. With 3 months of yoga lessons at FOY my migrain was completely cured. Realizing the benefits, I soon asked my son to join me at FOY. He was suffering from Asthama. Yoga and meditation helped him too to cure his Asthama. Read More
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